Blendshapes - Blinking works, visemes don't

I have a problem: I made an avatar with blendshapes for visemes and blinking. All of them are working great in Blender and Unity but in VRChat the avatar is only blinking, not talking.

I didn’t change anything in the avatar descriptor except the Lip Sync and Eye Look sections, both have the same mesh attached (I dragged and dropped it) and all faces are on the same atlased material.
I am using the latest SDK version (VRCSDK3-AVATAR-2021. and I have created all shape keys exactly the same way.

I hope someone can help me solve this :crossed_fingers: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Can you double-check that the “Face Mesh” reference in the LipSync section of the AV3 descriptor is set to the mesh you’re actually using?

SDK2 has issues with re-using blendshapes but SDK3 should be fine. :thinking:

As a “might as well try” thing you might want to try making the other visemes into blendshapes even though they might be identical to the other shapes-- as in, define CH and kk and TH even though they’ll all be the O blendshape.

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If you have created custom face expression animations, make sure these face expression animations do not animate any of the viseme blendshapes.


Hey! Yes, I dragged and dropped the body game object from my scene hierarchy.

I forgot to mention how I made the shape keys, I don’t know if this is relevant.
The avatar I made is a robot with a texture face, so I copied the mouth mesh, assigned a new material, created the shape key in which the mesh is in front of the base mouth (same with the blinking) and combined all materials.

Now I added the missing shape keys by reusing the i and o meshes.
Unfortunately this did not fix it. :confused:

Do I have to do anything other than create shape keys and select them in the visemes section?

I heard somewhere that all visemes shape keys have to be unique but I didn’t check

Try adding one vertex(or very small face) and placing it in different places for each shape key