Blacklisting for creators

i feel as if it would benefit a lot of people if the creator of a world could be able to blacklist a person from being able to join that world ever again, sometimes harassment with a single person or group of people cant be solved with just kicking and blocking someone, that person will still cause issues in that particular world, i also feel as if the creator of said world should have the right to enable and disable people from being apart of that community…

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VRC players have implemented a solution for this previously which would deny selected users based on their avatar ID on ALL sessions in real time. This was removed by VRChat staff; who began punishing creators who implemented this tool and asked users to “wait for the near future”.

Changing avatar of certain people might be an idea.

I can understand the reluctance to have worlds barring entry. Related to that there is a few worlds that have like a keypad to gain entry, I’ve been wondering if those fit within the TOS, but maybe the creator of that jurassic park world are here mainly to poke at the TOS…

Only official word on this is here: Udon Moderation Tool Guidelines

I wonder if there’s a way to ‘soft blacklist’ trouble players… like, once you detect that a bad player has entered the world, maybe auto-mute or auto-hide them. They can still enter the world, they’re just invisible to everyone else.