Beta Dynamic bones issue

Hello so apperently anyone who isnt in Beta mode you cannot join them/they cannot join you. This needs to be fixed so that even if you are in beta you can still talk to your friends even if they arn’t in beta.

Some betas are live compatible and some are not. Unfortunately this beta is the former. There are a lot of issues I see that can be a issue with making it live compatible. There are a lot of things this beta adds and it still isn’t as stable as it should be yet.

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Basically what Akalink said. Most open betas, including this one, include a number of changes that would not allow it to mix in at all with live servers.

Typically whether the beta will be able to interact with live will be mentioned in the beta release notes, so you can know beforehand whether you’ll be able to talk with your friends or not. If its not live compatible and want to test with a friend you can always ask them to switch to the open beta so you can talk.