Been working on an avatar for about a week, now it suddenly doesn't animate in game [fixed]

Hey all, this is my first post here and I’m posting as a last resort since I’ve been able to solve most problems on my own until now…
So I’m a bit of an idiot and tried using untested “Pumkin’s Avatar Tools” since it had some helpful tools, I clicked on “fix missing dynamic bone scripts in prefab” (or something similar) and it just wiped out all prefab data and then some, effectively wiping out all in-unity work I’ve done creating and tweaking this avatar with no backups or hope for recovery.

Up until this point my avatar was animating, had custom gestures, dynamic bones, everything was going swimmingly.

So basically… I had to start over. After a day of redoing everything my avatar just doesn’t animate anymore (it stands idly but doesn’t walk, run, gesture, anything except move eyes and hand/head tracking)…

Fix attempts I tried:

  • exporting avatar package to a fresh project (nope)
  • Re-importing avatar fbx (nope)
  • re-importing vrchat sdk (nope)
  • remapping the Avatar Rig Humanoid (nope)
  • uploading without custom anims (nope)

I’m really at my wits end and after what I’ve been able to fix up until now this really feels like a punch in the gut

Sorry everyone I just figured it out, I did a clean import of the fbx (brand new import instead of replacing the fbx in explorer) and that seemed to have fixed my issues!

It must be something in the .meta file for the original fbx that was damaged or changed