Basic Workflow for players and ist the playerId Unique?

Hey there,
I just started converting one of my worlds to udon and I was thinking about adding some more features.
But for that to work I would need a way to get a unique id or something similar from a player so here are my questions.
1 .) I read in the forum that the playerId we can retrieve through the vrcPlayerApi is NOT unique and changes every now and then, is that correct?
2 .) Is there a way to create a player object inside unity to be able to test the player functions as well? Until now I tested stuff by using the left click event but I can’t seem to find a way to create a dummy player for testing purposes without publishing the map every time.

I really hope someone can help me with this.

Best regards

  1. The playerId starts at 0 (or 1 not sure) and increments everytime someone joins. Even if you leave and rejoin you get a new playerId. So yes it is not unique.
  2. There is a system made by @gotofinal that emulates a player in the Editor. It is limited especially regarding the network, but its something:

Okay thank you so much for the information, is there any way to uniqly identifiy a player than?

Usually done by displayName, however there is some quirks to that.

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