Avatars with cloth pushing the name plate really high up

This bug surfaced sometime around the time vrchat updated to unity 2019. Any avatar with cloth on it will push the users nameplate really high up in the air. I never hear anyone talk about it, just wondering if there are any future plans to fix this as I really enjoy cloth over dynamic bones, especially for things that should be cloth-like.

I just happen don’t think the cloth is for something.

Huh, is that so? I was wondering what caused that.

Is there a Feedback post for this bug?

I don’t think so, I’ve heard almost no one mention or talk about it. But it is one hundred percent cloth on avatars causing it. I just really hate getting asked why my nameplate is “invisible” or “so high up” all the time, but I also really like the cloth I put on my cape and dynamic bones just doesn’t have the same effect :frowning:

I found a post from Tony Lewis here that sounds like it might be it, I asked for more info.

I’d appreciate if you could post your findings there @mrskellington !

I left a post there, I believe the one he found was an earlier bug that was right when nameplates were changed. I think that bug got fixed, but the one that is caused by cloth started happening right after the Unity 2019 update. I appreciate the response @tupper

no problem at all, maybe this just needs a new post