Avatar's texture becomes darker after CATS bake

I’m trying to bake a model with CATS, but the resulting model has a darker texture than it originally should. Anyone know what is causing this?

The one on the left is how it’s supposed to look, the one on the right is the result.

Should probably ask in the cats discord instead…

I tried looking for it, but it doesn’t seem to exist. That’s why I asked here.

How did you not find it is what I’m more curious about.
It’s literally on the GitHub page where you go to download the plugin.

Link to discord: https://discord.gg/f8yZGnv

Oh, weird, I googled cats blender discord and searched for it in the discord server finder but couldn’t find anything. Thanks, will ask there too.

Nevermind, was an issue in Blender itself, problem solved.