Avatars Perf Block even though Performance on: VeryPoor

All week I was able to load avatars with these very same settings. Yesterday, I haven’t been able to fix the issue - I suddenly now can’t see anyone avatars anymore. All I see is the standard “Perf Blocked.” In order for me to see avatars, I have to click on each person and click “Show Avatar”.

I was able to view everyone’s avatars after I clicked Clear Local Avatar Data and after jumping to two different worlds It has reverted back to its usual Perf Blocked design.

I can’t seem to fix it anymore and I feel I’m going to go mad!

This is on an Index and a gaming computer through Steam.

Safety Settings:

Avatar Performance:

VeryPoor & No Limit

Limit Dynamic Bone Usage:

Check Marked

Advanced Settings:

Anti-aliasing: x4

Using No Limit for Maximum Avatar Download Size is actually buggy, since it will pretty much hide everyone. Set it to an actual number.

Thank you! This has worked and fixed the problem I was experiencing! :slight_smile: