Avatars not showing on PC

So I’m a quest player and have started doing avatar retextures. So far they only show for Quest users even when I upload them for both PC and Quest. When I upload for PC it says to publish to unsupported. DO know I’m using a macbook to upload the avatars, as I don’t know if that affects it. Any suggestions on how to fix it not showing for PC? When uploading for PC it is set to PC, Mac, and Linux standalone

Since your on Mac the target platform in Unity’s build settings may be set to MacOSX rather than Windows, and as VRChat only supports Windows on PC and not MacOSX or Linux the Target Platform has to be set to Windows.

To check, when your project is open go to File → Build Settings → PC, Mac & Linux Standalone → Target Platform (This must be set to Windows)

If you cannot set it to Windows you’ll have to go to Unity hub and add a module to the Unity install for Windows build support. If you did not use Unity hub for installation you may have to reinstall and on setup ensure that Windows build support is checked on before installing.

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Thank you!It works for me!!