Avatars not changing in quest 2

whenever i play VRchat on my quest 2 and people change their avatars, the avatars never change for me? i can see that they’ve changed avatars in their profile, but they just show as some default backup avatar instead. and half the time the avatars are these backup avatars instead of the actual ones they are using. with the avatars I’ve seen not load, I’ve seen them being used on PC and VR before so I’m not sure why they show up as backups?

anyone know how to fix this so i can actually see peoples current avatars?

its all about avatar performance and safety setting. on quest and quest 2 the minimum performance is poor and most avatars are very poor. the only way to see the avatar is in the menu and click show avatar on everyone but warning only show people you know cause there are people crashing quest user. if its not that then its a bug.