Avatars 3.0 Looping animation

Hello! Working on getting an avatar working with 3.0 and in an attempt to set up an emotes menu, I seem to have broken something. My avatar keeps looping the same animation when load him in. I am unsure of how to fix this and I am finding nothing while digging around in the SDK. Help!

Quick update, I figured out how to stop the looping. Now every time I click an animation in the menu, it auto closes the menu and doesn’t play animations. AV 3 is so strange.

Sounds like you may be missin’ out on some of the concepts of animators. They can be confusing to work with at first, but they make sense after some fiddling with the settings. Then they’re just a pain in the butt to work with. :smiley:

You’re mostly going to be fiddling with animation transitions within your animation controller:



There are some custom scripts that can be added to animation states within the controller, and a lot of parameters that are set within the VRChat client that you can use to structure your transitions and control tracking/etc. You can also create up to 16 additional parameters:

It’s a lot of information to take in if you’re coming from 2.0 and aren’t familiar with animators, but once you figure them out, it’s extremely powerful compared to what you can do with 2.0 :smiley:

Good luck! Also for future questions, it helps to post screenshots of your animator layout, transition settings, etc.