Avatars 3.0 equippable handgun help

Hey there, for the past few days i’ve been trying to set up an equippable handgun with menus but so far i’ve been running into some problems. Basically what i’m trying to do is have it set up so I can equip+unequip a handgun using a toggle menu, and while it’s equipped have it so I can fire it by squeezing the trigger on the Index controller (with overrides for the fingers, animations so the slide + trigger move, and have it play sounds and particles appropriately) The issue i’m having is that i’m able to equip and unequip it, and the tracking is overridden as it should, but the fingers don’t play the animation that I assigned and i’m unable to fire the gun as i’d like it to. Does anyone know what I should be doing and if possible could they provide example animation controllers/etc that I could look at so I know what to do for next time?

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I think you may need a Playable Layer Control component when switching into the animation with the appropriate masking for the hand: https://docs.vrchat.com/docs/state-behaviors

By default, the humanoid bones should be controlled entirely by the Locomotion layer and/or VR Tracking. The Playable Layer Control script lets you change the weight of the layer you’re using to 1 to override the locomotion/tracking. Just have that script change the weight of the current layer to 1.0, then be sure to change it back to 0 after it exits.

I’m also not sure how much the FX layer likes animating the humanoid bones; may need to do that section in the Action layer if the above doesn’t fix it.