Avatar too big and too small for import (at once)

In making my first avatar, I ran into an obstacle
While the bones, textures and everything seems to be intact, there is a problem with scaling.

Upon trying to import it, I started by scaling the unity model to about 5 feet. I was then told that the model wasn’t large enough (the shoulder height was less than 20cm).

The editor looks like this:
The model is too short but the bounding box is too big on all axes, even though both look perfect in the editor.

Then I scaled it up to the “smallest” that VRCHAT required to export. the result is this.

The animations are intact, at least from what I can see.
I can get the model in the game, but only if I make the bounding box really small and the mesh really big.

Things I’ve tried:

I verified the rig was properly set up

Spent hours looking for someone who had the same problem as I did.

exporting and importing the mesh under different settings.

messing with position and size of both the model and bounding box.
Running Linux, Unity 2019.4.29f1

Please help, I’ve spent over 40 hours on this…

I figured it out! turns out the armature just needed to be moved a bit.
It doesn’t make any sense, but it works now, and I’m happy.