Avatar Size


I am just starting out on VRChat, so I apologize if the question is a simple or even a dumb one. Although I am already aware that there are multiple platforms for me to build my avatar for VRChat, I am looking to build my own avatar so that I can customize it as I wish. While doing so, I came to wonder regarding the size of the avatar in VRChat. What is the average size of the avatar in VRChat, and is it something that I can change? If so, how would I control the size of the avatar? Would the avatar be imported to be the same size as it was in Blender?

Also, I believe that there is a supposed 5 meter avatar size limit, but I know that there are avatars that exceed that limit. In such cases, how is this accomplished, and is it still possible to do so now?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

The average size is expected to be around normal human height - maybe like 1.4 to 2.0 meters or so. Most worlds are built with this range in mind.

In actuality, people make avatars of all different sizes - some almost microscopic, some absolutely massive. :stuck_out_tongue:

In Unity when you’re setting up the avatar, 1 unit in unity corresponds to about 1 meter of height, so you can just add a cube with the height you want to be, then scale your avatar to match that, or adjust the import scaling on the FBX file to match the height you want to be.

Not sure about exceeding the 5 meter max - if it doesn’t let you upload larger than that, may just be best to leave it at that. There may be some people who find ways around it by modifying the SDK but I’m not sure how they do it and it probably shouldn’t be posted here. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t have to get the scale right in blender since you can change the scale in Unity.

You can make an avatar almost as big as you want it to be, just anything beyond 5m will be ranked “very poor.” As far as making them smaller, it won’t let you make an avatar that’s excessively small. I don’t have an exact measurement.

If you need a size reference, I think there’s an example avatar in the sdk.