Avatar Pose and rotation lock, But still allow Head and hand tracking

I’m sure this is a very simple setting that I am overlooking, but I cannot for the life of me find it, But I would like to be able to toggle into a position (for example, Laying down) and keep the body from rotating when I move my head. Basically the exact same settings that are used when opening the vrchat menu, as it locks your body in it’s current pose, but your head and hands are still free to move without affecting the body. Can anyone please help me to figure this out, it doesn’t seem there are any tutorials online for it and I asked in the discord forum, but still no dice.
Thank you.

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If you’ve found the answer to this issue, could you share it? This is exactly the problem I’m currently having as well and haven’t been able to find any resources to solve it.

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Unfortunately I believe this is an avatar specific feature, meaning that some avatars will have an option to lock waist and legs position via the expression menu. It cannot be done natively to all avatars.

I found a unity package on vrcarena.com by Nirvash, called “laying / sitting animation prefab”.
It comes with a bunch of already set poses and i just had to plug it in to my parameters file basically. It locks the body and allows for head and upper arm movements while in VR. Sadly if you’re in desktop mode it locks the left and right movements, but this will work for you if your using a headset and controllers.