Avatar Pedestals

Looking for a way to create avatar pedestals. still getting used to UDON. Been able to figure out a few basic things myself but Having issues with this one and didn’t see any documentation on how to achieve it unless I just missed it. Thanks!

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Hi, @merckosuna, and welcome!

Here’s how to make an Avatar Pedestal:

  1. Add a VRC Avatar Pedestal Component to a GameObject in your scene and fill in the fields - Set the Blueprint Id to the Avatar you want to display, and turn on ChangeAvatarsOnUse.
  2. Make a new UdonBehaviour with the attached graph.
  3. Build & Test your scene to see it working.

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Amazing Thank you! I was literally so close! I’ll be sure to share this with others asking.

momothemonster who i can change the interaction text on the pedestal?

So, I had the misfortune of trying to learn mapmaking in this gaming probably about two weeks before this major change, so it seems like I’m back to square one. Sorry if I’m asking a totally obvious question, but I can’t seem to make this work at all.

When I test this barren wasteland of a world, I’m loading in, and the avatar and pedestal are both present, but it’s unclickable. I figured out how to make the graph and I tried to recreate yours. I named the graph pedestal and I’ve tried it just in Assets, but also in Assets > Scenes, no results either way. The only thing I can think of is that I’ve made this graph thing and I didn’t attach it? But I’m honestly very unsure of what I need to do to proceed.

Thank you guys in advanced for any answers. Even pointing me in the direction of a tutorial or guide I can try and find my answers to would be appreciated.

@bad_joke you’re close! You just need to add an ‘Udon Behaviour’ component to that pedestal.
I recommend you take a look at Tupper’s getting started series, and the Readme file in ‘Assets/Udon/Examples’. This will take you through several working scenes where you can see how everything is wired up, test it out in the editor, and make a test build to try things that only work in the client.

I can’t thank you enough! That did it! I’ll brush up on Tupper’s tutorial and see if I can’t get a better hang of this. Thanks again!!

Whats the point of declaring a VRCAvatarPedestal Component variable if you don’t use it and just use gameObject.GetComponent instead?

Oops! you’re right, that public variable is unnecessary. I had it at first because I think it’s a better practice to use a public variable instead of a GetComponent, but switched in the end to make this easier for beginners.