Avatar parameters help

so ive recently fully sculpted, modeled and rigged a char for VRchat and ive been trying to add toggles and gestures. Ive run into an issue where when i build and test, the toggles dont work (only one, a gun that pops in and out when the toggle is on or off) as you can see by the screencaps my parameters are named right (both are also set to Bool), and enabling the parameters does the right animation when played in unity, but again, not appearing in game. (if you need more info ill be happy to supply!)
image image https://i.gyazo.com/b9c35c8253399d19ee8a6663c08ace26.mp4

SOLVED!!! a thing people never explained in vids is that the animator controller needs to be placed on the playable layers section in the avatar descriptor not the ANIMATOR spot on the descriptor