Avatar Not Uploading Properly Through Unity

I’ve been working on an avatar I purchased for a friend and have not been able to upload it on Desktop or Quest after numerous attempts. It will create a prefab in the assets & attach an id, but stop there. Any version of the vrc sdk also stops functioning after closing and reopening the project. The closest I have come to solving this was finding a popup error regarding a script, of which I have no idea what to do with. Does anyone have an idea for how to fix this? Thanks!
(Asking again as I have not found a solution looking through lots of forums)

I don’t know anything about a “gesture manager” but I think you should track it down, especially if it’s on GitHub and see what they say. Maybe there is more recent version than in your packaged avatar. Errors read like the gesture manager can’t find VRChat sdk3

It also looks like it might be complaining about a parameter driver that is define somewhere in an animation layer that is breaking. Did you buy this as a Unity project file and import it?

You might need to comb through your animation controllers and their layers to find where any Parameter Drivers are being defined and ensure that they are referencing parameters that actually exist.

try update av3Emulator or delete it. It comes with gesture manager