Avatar not looking at self in mirror anymore?

This is a bit of an annoyance more than anything but as of last week iterations of my uploaded VRChat avatar no longer makes eye contact with itself in mirrors or cameras anymore (or very rarely does). The eyes keep tracking to random points in the world (can tell by moving character back and forth) even though I’m standing inches away from a mirror or camera. I did make some tweaks to the origin point of my rig/mesh (all transforms still zeroed out) and moved the view position slightly but I doubt that’s what’s causing the issue.

I followed a possibly outdated eye guide (involves making a set of “fake” eye bones) in hopes of mitigating this issue but alas, no change.

Any insight?

The eye-tracking gets confused by mirrors, though it’s a lot better now than it was. They tend to just look in random directions or go derpy-eyed. It’s only locally and in the mirror though and others should see the tracking working normally.

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aight that’s fair

I’m just glad I’m not going crazy or something is wrong!