Avatar non-humanoid gesture animations breaking when I add VRCLens

I realize this may be too vague to get an answer but I will give it a shot…

I purchased a 3.0 avatar that works great, a character with wings. I did not change much aside from materials/textures, and this week I tried adding VRCLens. Lens works fine, but it causes the wings to completely stop moving. Normally they animate differently along with facial animation gestures. The facial animations still work fine.

I asked both creators for any advice, and they both mentioned WriteDefaults being the common problem. I did find a stray animation with WriteDefaults checked, but it was a miss and otherwise the avatar is set up to not use WriteDefaults. Unchecking it did not affect anything.

I can fix the wing animations by adding an all-bones mask to every layer in the FX controller, but doing so breaks a lot of the camera’s features.

With WriteDefaults out of the equation, I don’t really know what else to look for. Thanks in advance if you have any insight!