Avatar Manipulation

There are a few sneaky things that I’d like to do in a world but I’m not quite sure if they’re possible.

Is there a way to programmatically hide players in a world? For example, if a player dies in a game, is there a way for them to be hidden to everyone while still occupying the same space so that they can still see everyone else?

Is there a way to mute/unmute a player programmatically?

Is there a way to make it so that a player’s voice is heard in another room within the same instance? What about heard in only that other room but not the room that they’re currently occupying? Their voice would still be spacial; I wouldn’t want it to simply be heard everywhere.

Is there a way to duplicate a player’s avatar and tracking (even if their nameplate/collisions are gone) so that they can appear somewhere else?

If these aren’t directly possible, are there any workarounds that could be done? And if not, are there any plans on adding such functionality in the future?