Avatar is see through when imported to unity

No matter what I do my avatar is see through when i import it to unity and other models are starting to do the same even if I put the materials in after in unity.

Im not super zoomed into her or anything I checked

I upload them and they look what they look like in unity idk what to do. I just want to upload models :frowning:

try to use double sided shader

This happens when the normals of your avatar go inside


  • In “Viewport Overlays” turn on “Face Orientation”

Screenshot from 2021-05-01 13-11-55

  • Make sure your avatar faces are colored blue.
    If not, go edit mode, “Ctrl + A” to select all faces, then “Shift + N”
    If some parts are still red, select only red-colored faces, then “Mesh → Normals → Flip”