Avatar in world as object to animate?

I have seen a few SDK2 worlds with avatars that are walking around via animations.

Is it possible to add an avatar I created into an SDK3 world as an object that I can animate? Have not tried yet. Is this something a newb like me can even do? Any tips if so?

Can I just load an FBX file like a normal object?.. Would this break anything?..How would a guy animate this?.. is there a guide for this?

Update: attempted this by just trying to add my FBX. It added but then just sits in T-Pose and then it breaks my unity upload. I am totally lost now. Fixed the Scene but I just want an NPC hahahaha

I actually put an ironman avatar in my world and i can animate it using the animator. Its a fbx file btw. The animation is just the avatar rotating on the display. But i guess that would be the same with other animation. Did you put an avatar descriptor on the avatar that you put on your world? If you did, that might be the reason why it broke. Avatar Descriptor and Scene Descriptor can’t be put on the same scene

yup pretty sure thats it…