Avatar gliding after editing locomotion layer/crouch animations

I duplicated and replaced the base locomotion layer and the crouch animations to make a very minor edit but now my avatar just glides when crouched instead of doing the reverse animation – does anyone know how to fix this? The animations are set to loop although I’ve tried it both ways with this same result:

Click the animations in the unity project and make sure that the Loop box is checked. Otherwise it will just play it once and then freeze like that.

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That was the first thing I tried and still no luck unfortunately

Er, I’m silly. I didn’t notice that you’d already checked that in your post.

That’d pretty odd that it doesn’t loop. I assume it looks normal if you click the animation in Unity and drag your model into the animation preview, yes?

And to set this up, all you did was duplicate the locomotion layer from the SDK examples, then drag your custom crouch walk into the appropriate slot in the animator?

Only thing I can think of is that the new animation doesn’t play well with other animations; the locomotion layer does a lot of blending between different animations when moving around. As an experiment, you could try duplicating the animator and dragging that animation into more slots of similar type (like all crouching movement animations for example) and see how it behaves then.

It turns out I’m just not very smart :weary:
I was using the proxy_anims and didn’t realize that they were just a single frame!

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