Avatar favourites not loading

Hello everyone has anybody ever had the trouble where are you try to click on your favourite avatar tab and you can’t access your favourites, as you can see them all favourite With the numbers but they won’t load for example you can see 22 out of 25 but none of them will load I have tried every think I don’t know how to fix this and I have a lot of avatars that I have been collecting for years so any help would be greatly appreciated thank you very much guys


This usually happens when the servers are under heavy load or something borked client side. Did you try the suggestions I put forward in the other thread?

I use the account without the numbers at the end

Run with debug flags ?

vrchat.exe --enable-debug-gui --no-vr
to start vrchat with debugging enabled and prevents SteamVR from launching

The above link will tell you which button to press to enable the debug ui (near the bottom)

Screw that I need to play in vrr oculus headset

There anything I can do and don’t want to make a new account and lose all my friends

If you link your account, your things will be transferred. from your oculus account to your vrchat account, and you can continue logging in using your oculus account.

See: VRChat - Home

Yeh I’ve done that already

I hate this game sometimes,