Avatar creation on Linux

First, I don’t know if it’s the right place to post this, if it is not then sorry.

I think it would be possible to atleast test avatars on Linux, I found out that the SDK fails at finding the VRChat avatars directory, so I opened the unity plugin in ILSpy and found out that the problem is this line in ExportAndTestAvatarBlueprint in VRC.SDK3.Builder.VRCAvatarBuilder:

string text = VRC_SdkBuilder.GetKnownFolderPath(VRC_SdkBuilder.LocalLowGUID)

The function GetKnownFolderPath is calling a native windows function to find the LocalLow directory. So because the function doesn’t exist on Linux it just fails and if it wouldn’t fail it wouldn’t even find the directory because on proton the vrchat directory is in steamapps/compatdata.

So i thought couldn’t it just be fixed by adding a option to the SDK to choose the location of the VRChat avatars director.

I think it’s the only problem with testing on Linux because when you publish the avatar it also fails but at compressing. The .vrca file is created in /tmp directory and if you move it to the VRChat avatars directory it loads correctly.

Also sorry if something doesn’t make sense, It’s 2AM and im little tired.