Avatar commissions open (boothavis,etc) first two people get 10%off

sale ended cant edit the title
I will edit a booth or western style avatars!

I have hundreds of booth assets for selestia, manuka, mamehinata, moe, etc,
but if I don’t have the assets you want, you have to provide them

JOIN my discord yogurtjelle for more info

Contact on discord for ideas and questions

Price will vary. message me for full details

PAYMENT: paypal

GOGOLOCO free if you join discord

More avatar samples in discord server

Quest users will have a free upload

current avatars im working on

looking to get your own mamehinata and other booth avis? message me to commission

commission me for cute booth avis

still taking more commissions join my discord yogurtjelle or add me imjelle

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current commission. get yours by joining my discord