Avatar Commissions Guidelines

You must read these guidelines before posting your Commissions thread.

Purpose of this category

This category (avatars-commissions) is meant for posting about services you are providing to create VRChat avatars. There are some guidelines you should be aware of that we’ll provide here, both from the perspective of the artist and of the person seeking an artist.

Important - Must Read!

This category is only moderated for off-topic/content in posts. There is no oversight provided by VRChat in regards to details of commissions or fulfillment of commissions such as ensuring delivery, quality of product, etc. In other words, VRChat and its staff take no responsibility for any transactions that take place here. Do not contact the VRChat Moderation team with disputes from this category.

If you don’t get the item you paid for, if an item is incorrect, if somebody does not pay you money they owe you, or if you run into any other similar issue, it is between buyer and seller. VRChat cannot and will not be involved in disputes. Caveat emptor!

It is the responsibility of both the buyer and seller to handle all details of any transactions on a person-to-person basis.

We strongly encourage buyers to provide feedback in seller threads so other users can find trustworthy sellers. This is the best way to ensure that the people here are held to a high bar of quality and consistency!

VRChat reserves the right to:

  • Lock, close, or remove any thread in this category at any time, with no notice
  • Lock or close the category at any time, with no notice
  • Moderate users observed in this forum due to malicious activity in this (or any) category
    • Moderations may be applied to the forum account, VRChat application account, or both
  • Modify these guidelines at any time, with no notice

If you wish to report content on this board for using your licensed content, please contact our Copyright email (copyright@vrchat.com) with the appropriate documentation for a DMCA request.

Post Requirements

In order to post in this category:

  • You must have a certain “Trust Level” on the VRChat Ask forums. This is not the same as the VRChat Trust System! You cannot request to have your Trust Level increased. All requests to do so will be ignored.
  • You may only provide commission services for the creation of VRChat avatars in this category.
  • You must follow the general format given below in “Post Format”.
  • You must be posting your services, not seeking service. At this time we do not permit “looking for artist” or “want to buy” threads.
  • The content being created adheres to the VRChat Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

Post Format

Here’s a good general starting point for making your post as someone wishing to do Commissions!

You MUST include:

  • Your name/alias and VRChat name
  • Examples of work in image format
  • A method of contact (Discord DM, Twitter DM, etc)
  • A statement clarifying if you create original or “from-scratch” work, or if you use other licensed content to create your own content
  • The following statement, precisely:

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

You should include:

  • Any relevant social media links
  • More examples of your work, portfolio, etc. Images are good, videos are great, that kind of stuff.
  • Areas of expertise, if applicable
  • Rough price estimates

That’s it! As a reminder, these conditions and guidelines may change at any time, with no obligation from the forum administration to provide notice. Thank you!