Avatar Build and Publish Issues

I have been trying to upload an avatar for 5 days now. I have set up and fixed all issues showing poly count, bones, and performance in general in the builder menu. I used everything needed to make the button for build and publish allow me to click it. I have gone over every single tutorial I can find and I have come up with more questions then answers. I click on Build and publish to see my avatar and I get nothing. It puts another version of my avatar called prefab. I know that the game tab is supposed to open but my game tab doesn’t open and even if I open the game tab it just shows my avatar from where I places the camera. This is my first time uploading avatars so I did expect to run into an issue at some point.

If you keep getting new prefabs each time you try to build, check the console. This is almost-always caused by some script error.

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