Avatar becomes large when sitting

I have a video demonstrating what I mean here:

I have no idea what’s causing it. Everything worked fine a couple days ago, but now whenever I sit or put myself in an animation, my avatar becomes extremely large while my eye height stays the same. I thought it was only my latest avatar that this happens to, but it seems to be every single one I’ve uploaded. I’ve tested other people’s avatars and they work flawlessly.

I’ve changed NOTHING in Unity, and these avatars worked fine for weeks beforehand. What the hell is going on?

seem’s something is wrong with the avatar in my opinion but we can have a chat on discord to see the solutionn! here’s mine :freddie0584

One of the comments on the following feedback thread mentions write defaults


I haven’t seen this issue and I know my avatars don’t use Write Defaults (WD), so it’s at least plausible.

Interestingly, I saw a very similar issue last night in a Jetski world, where when someone sat down, they turned extra small to me, but to them, I turned huge.

Very strange behavior. My avatar doesn’t use Write Defaults either and these were while using avi’s that we’ve been using forever.

So, I’ve messed around with it a bit, and I still don’t know what’s causing it. This specific avatar model I have is the only one it happens to. I make a lot of outfits for it, and split each outfit into a different upload to keep the avatar’s file size down.

I’ve “fixed” it by making a new Unity project, and making sure I have the latest SDK and all software. I imported a fresh version of my model, followed by the FBX of the clothes. Essentially, I had to re-make the avatar from scratch, deleting unused clothes/bones/armature, and adding new clothes and merging armature and changing whatever else needs changing.

It’s particularly easy for me since the clothes I use are from Destiny 2, and all the hard work is already behind me. But, its still an annoying 30 or so minutes to basically redo ALL of my work which worked fine for weeks before.

i have an avatar that does a similar thing, ive also seen it happen to a friend’s avatar, whenever i sit down i grow massively in size but my head and hand positions dont scale with it, the one im using is screenbot v4 if you would like to test it yourself, if anyone has an an answer to this id love to hear it

This exact issue is happening to my avatars when I sit
But my view is inside of the chest of the avatar and the legs and arms fold up under me
The only thing that fixes it is changing to another avatar or resetting the one I have

For reference for any devs reading, I have been maining two different avatars that don’t have twist joints and are very optimized lately
It doesn’t happen in all seats or with all avatars strangely enough
I use Standable (full body estimation) and SteamVR with Virtual Desktop and I am currently on the open beta but I was experiencing the issue when not in the beta as well

Also, I have heard from the creators and operators of a large club world that features spaceships with seats (Kaleidosky) that they have many users who are having the same issue depending upon avatar
So I don’t think it is isolated to just us