Avatar Audio playing for Quest users?

I was just playing VRChat on the Quest 2 and started hearing strage audio that I knew 100% was not in the world. I just ignored it but soon after that, I heard another audio but then realised it was comming from an avatar. What is happening here? I thought avatar audio was only for PC users. Is there a method for bypassing this or is this a new thing comming to VRChat or what is happening? I might be going crazy but it defenitly was comming from an avatar and not through someone’s mic.

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There was a way to bypass it in the past but it was patch.

But I heard it was somehow possible again.

User rarely keep secrets for long. So it might get patch again soon.


Ah, alright. Thanks for letting me know. I knew I wasn’t going crazy lol when I heard a meme sound play.

It actully confuses me why they don’t let it as I think they said it was really buggy or something like that but it works fine, who knows. I ain’t an expert at game developing.

people are using a mod that directs music files from their computer directly through their MICROPHONE, not their avatar

This was a Quest user playing this and as far as I know, mods aren’t available on Quest for VRChat and I did check by turning down avatar audio and it did mute the audio (Or muted the person and the audio didn’t mute, I can’t remember it was one or the other). So it wasn’t that.

the mod i mentioned is third party noninvasive software that isnt against the TOS. its actually on steam. But if what you mentioned was true then i am very curious as to how they made avatar sounds bypass quest restrictions