AV3 written guide with example videos

My team and I have been working on an Avatar 3.0 tutorial, and it just went public today. Hope it helps some people out, and we’re also looking for feedback on it to make it more comprehensible.

here it is for anyone interested:

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Great guide! I love simple to follow things like this that don’t get over complicated with technical wording.

It looks like you posted the youtube video “av3 adding transition condition” twice when talking about adding a condition and editing it’s parameter. Not sure if that was done on purpose or not.

I do have one request.
This wall of text!

Would it be possible to add in one video going through that entire process as well? I know it’s referencing previous sections, but when it’s lumped together like that, actually seeing the end result you have to compare it to would help wonders!

And according to your tutorial and if I understood it correctly, I would not longer have to setup eye tracking and blinking in Blender (CATS) anymore, because SDK3 takes care of it now, correct?