AV3 Walkthrough - Part 1 - The Basics

For your first step, we’ll start very simple. Using the instructions given in the documentation, please set up a project for Avatars 3.0. After that, import and set up an avatar with basic eyelook and visemes, using the “blendshape visemes” or “jaw-flap visemes” method.

You should also ensure you have blendshapes/bones for blinking, and optionally look-up and look-down blendshapes.

In summary:

  • Get the SDK installed
  • Import an avatar
  • Set up the descriptor
  • Set up eyelook with blinking blendshapes/bones
  • [OPTIONAL] Set up look-up, look-down blendshapes
  • Test!

This will introduce you to the install process, the descriptor, the new eyelook system, and the new viseme UI. In addition, you can try using the new Local Testing to try out your avatar without uploading it to VRChat! For more info, check out our documentation.

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