AV3 Walkthrough Index

Welcome to Avatars 3.0!

Before you get started, you should probably read through our documentation first. It is currently available here.

AV3 Walkthrough - Part 1 - The Basics

Just the basics, let’s get started!

AV3 Walkthrough - Part 2 - Playable Layers

Before we move on, let’s cover Playable Layers right quick.

AV3 Walkthrough - Part 3 - Weights, Blending, and Tracking

Let’s talk about some of the most important parts of AV3-- weights, blending, and handling tracking.

AV3 Walkthrough - Part 4 - Animation Parameters

Animation parameters are where things really take off. Learn this, and you’ve got a large amount of the power of AV3 in your hands!

AV3 Walkthrough - Part 5 - Control Types

Okay, so you know how to use parameters. How do you change parameters so your avatar reacts? Controls!

AV3 Walkthrough - Part 6 - AFK and the Action Layer

Let’s chat real quick about the Action Layer, how to use it, and the AFK built-in parameter.

More parts on the way!