AV3 custom sitting (Crouching Idle) and Laying down (Prone Idle) not working right

[Edit] So after over a week of having no luck. I decided to try and do all this in SDK2 adding my custom sitting and laying down animations. Both look perfectly fine and work perfectly when my avatar is using SDK2. So it can’t be something wrong with the animations themselves or my avatar. So if I can’t find a solution for the problem within SDK3 then I guess I’ll have to use SDK2 for now. I’d still appreciate any help anyone can offer though.

I’m copying this from my Reddit post in hopes that someone here might be able to help as I haven’t had any luck on Reddit yet.

So over the past week or so I’ve been working on making my own avatar and I’ve managed to get the avatar working perfectly in all the base regards. Lip Syncing and and Eye Tracking working and rigging works perfectly and all that. Even got a few custom actions added. Though the sitting idle for crouching and laying back idle for being prone just don’t want to work 100%.

-The prone laying back animation works mostly fine except it pushes me into the ground a bit causing the legs to also not be fully in the right position due to the foot Iks.

-The sitting one for Crouch seems to be hovering a bit and not fully in pose as you can see in the image below.-The Default movements for prone and crouching also have me somewhat in the floor as well and I haven’t even touched those.

-I’ve made sure the animation files are in the right spot of the blend trees for crouching and prone. So I’m pretty sure that isn’t the issue. I’ve tried looking up the issue with little to no luck. I’ve posted images below. Maybe if I can figure out how to fix this I can fix all the rest of the issues I’ve mentioned. So please if anyone knows anything that’d be much appreciated.

So after continuing to try everything I could think of for a day and a half I’ve still yet to find a solution for this. I’ll try providing more information in hopes that it might help.

-Firstly I still haven’t figured out how to keep my avatar from sinking into the floor somewhat when crawling or crouching while moving, aka the default animations. Though I think this is normal to an extent as I have other avatars that I favorited that have that issue but its still kind of annoying. Maybe its just a downside of my avatar being shorter then average but they’re not tiny by any means.

-Another thing is that I found if I back up against a solid wall and keep holding back that the siting and laying down pose somehow move to fix themselves until I let go of the key the pose goes back to being messed up. I don’t know if this is important in any way but I thought I’d mention it.

-I’ve tried adjusting the Y offset of the animation file for the poses which seems to change nothing that I can tell.

-I’ve tried switching which blend tree they were in, IE Putting the sitting idle in Prone and the Laying back Idle in the Crouching blend tree. This causes the idles to have the inverse problem. Laying back now has me hovering off the ground a bit except for my feet like the siting idle had. The sitting Idle now ends up sunken in the floor a very noticeable amount like the laying back idle previously had an issue with.

-For hopefully more information here’s a screenshot of what both idles look like in Unity where they look correct as well as the blend tree settings and individual animation settings.