Aura 2 Volumetric Lighting incompatible with VRChat

I wanted to update my other world that is currently in Lab because the music I found wasn’t correct and the textures look yellowish.

World Link: Kamisato Estate - Yashiro Commission Headquarters

I brought an Aura 2 Volumetric Lighting & Fog package. I set up the aura lighting and post-processing. But, when I tested the World, the rays were not coming out through the windows, but the post-processing only worked.

Is there a prefab or Unity package that has a working Volumetric Lighting for VRChat or is there a way to fix

Hi, I’m new-ish to world building and am going through the limitations of taking my own working Unity wave simulation project (that uses compute shaders) and have been adapting it to VRChat. I took a quick look at your world, and then the Aura 2 package specs. I noticed that Aura 2 uses compute shaders (they don’t run iin VRChat AFAIK) and suspect that could be the problem. User misha_m showed how to use a Unity custom render texture (CRT) to replace the functionality of a Compute shader for my world, and I wonder if it may be possible to develop CRT equivalents for doing the light rays.