Attempting to make effect play via OnPlayerTriggerEnter, but it plays a bit outside the trigger on other clients (UdonSharp)

I have an object that is supposed to play an effect and teleport the player when the player is inside of the trigger. However on separate clients than the player who is actually walking into the trigger, the trigger seems doubled, and the effect ends up playing early. For some reason, though, the player doesn’t get teleported early, only the effect itself.

public override void OnPlayerTriggerEnter(VRCPlayerApi player)
    foreach (VRCPlayerApi forPlayer in alreadyTeleported) if (forPlayer == player) return;
    VRCPlayerApi[] newPlayer = new VRCPlayerApi[exit.alreadyTeleported.Length + 1];
    exit.alreadyTeleported.CopyTo(newPlayer, 0);
    new VRCPlayerApi[] { player }.CopyTo(newPlayer, exit.alreadyTeleported.Length);
    exit.alreadyTeleported = newPlayer;
    player.TeleportTo(exit.transform.position + (player.GetPosition() - transform.position),     player.GetRotation());