Asking about comissioning an Avatar but unsure of how much it would be

I want to commision somone about making a custom avatar (mostly based on my PFP from a Game I like), but I don’t know much about making VRchat avatars (I have stuff for it but for some reason it does not want to verify anything no matter how long it loads), and I kinda have a big need for a Marble Maid Avatar (Mostly just the in game cosmetics (Other character, 2 alts (Monkey Ear and tail resembling Monkey ball and a Greyish Bunny Suit designed after Dust Bunnies), and a Mario Kart64/Diddy Kong styled kart thingy from the racing game thing she is apart of not intended for younger audience) and Marble stuff, and maybe some basic customization stuff like colors and gender thing (Mostly just Female and Male) and maybe Marble physics, but it’s optional, and I am just unsure of the Price of an avatar with these features, and I know it’s best to ask the person I want to commision, but due to too many things, I just don’t want to feel like I am not paying them enough for this avatar.

and if this kind of posting is not allowed or anything of the like, just tell me to take this post down and comission someone from the commision section I will.


here is a pic of 3 of the 5 things as refernced in the above, although the Third one wouldn’t be in the SLK style, just there as a referece. The first pic is from the actual game while the other two already have the Watermark.

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Hey there!! do you still need someone to make the avatar for you?

If yes, can we discuss on this?

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Apologies for the late reply and I am. I kinda debated on what to commision, but just this would be easier, and I would love to, I mean I would have commisioned someone but I would want a fair price for something like this.

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Oh okay, I would love to work with you whenever you decide on what to commission and also the price won’t be a problem.

Here is my Discord Username: esman_emmydon024

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Sent friend request

Umm can I get a chance to make that for you?
My prices are reasonable and I am really interested in doing that for you^~^
My discord is: mieko_uwu_94850

I apologize, I already have someone else making this specific Avatar and is pretty close to finishing it, but if you wish to make your own on your own time or if someone shows interest in having this as a their own Avatar with whatever they want ontop and is willing to pay, then by all means go ahead, but I am going to make a new commision thingy that you can also do if no one else gets to it.

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Oh I will be looking forward to assist you with the new thing you mention :blush:

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