Asking about a new quest problem

is the new quest update meant to mess with particles on avatars? i have an avatar i absolutely adore who can shoot a gun and stuff but her laser is now squared off and grey, and when you shoot it, it just looks black and square. there are also other avatars i’ve seen with this problem.

related to it but not the same thing, i know a big spider avatar that has a walk animation that only shows to the wearer, to everyone else it just slides around and looks dumb.

i only knew of the spider yesterday but they feel related, i’ve had the army girl skin for a long time though. i don’t know if this is to reduce the usage of memory on quest and its on purpose or if this is a negative side effect of a update that happened recently.

if i’ve put this in the wrong category i’m sorry, i don’t really use forums.

The spider avatar sounds like it’s not a humanoid rig but a generic rig, generic rig avatars have been broke for a long time, they only play animations locally, but for others it looks like they are sliding around.

ok that makes sense, anything on the 1st one though? it’s been working and then it’s just stopped. it doesn’t make sense and i don’t know if it’s on purpose or not.