Armature Problems

This is a common problem, I believe, but I was wondering if anyone found a quick-and-easy explanation as to why this happens sometimes.
So I imported a Roblox avatar and started adding bones for the mesh, but every time I try to parent the mesh to the armature it doesn’t work, and the mesh stays completely still.

I posed the avatar here to show how the mesh isn’t following the armature. Do you have to make the mesh in blender or something? Last I checked that’s not how armature works.
The only thing I have yet to try is doing the manual vertex assigning to the bones, but I’m not 200% sure how I would go about doing that for this avatar.

The photo didn’t appear in my post for some reason. Here’s what it looks like.

If the bones are moving but the mesh isn’t then the bones likely aren’t weight painted to anything.

How do you get to the weight painting? I don’t know my way around the different menus can I can check to see if there is any weight painting.

Select both the mesh (or mesh part) and then the skeleton, right click and select “Parent>With Automatic Weights” it will give you something to work on, then you can polish the weight painting using Blender by selecting the Mesh and going to “Weight Paint Mode” in the upper left corner where “Pose Mode” is displayed on your image.


Thanks man. Turns out for some reason even after clicking automatic weights it’s not giving any weights. Now I can manually get the weights in.