Are you Looking for a character modeller to create an avatar for your virtual reality world?

:sparkler: 3D Commission Slots Open :sparkler:

Here are the stuff I can do:
•Anime, Furry, Cartoony & Semi Realism character models all from scratch, i can also do edits too

•Vtuber and VRChat models

•Dynamic bone and toggles

•Rigging, Rig edits(Including Facial tracking for eye tracking and lip syncing both vrchat and vtuber models)

•Mesh Edits: Add clothes, Fix accessories, blendshapes, retopologies…

•Short animations.

:magnet: Have a few more questions on something you want? Dm! :Ping:

:coin: : Prices vary commission to commission since I offer many different services both big and small. It is best to ask me for a quote, I accept payment
Dm for portfolios

Discord:: Big_vinny
Gmail:: [email protected]