Are there plans on adding a parameter to the SendCustomNetworkEvent

Hey I was just messing around with Udon, and was wondering if there were plans on implementing a way to add an additional parameter to the SendCustomNetworkEvent?

Just being able to pass a string with a custom event would open up a ton of possibilities for multiplayer worlds. I know there are some solutions to solve this at the moment, but building out complex systems with these solutions would take so much effort.


  1. there’s no real need to bump threads.
  2. This is the help section of vrchat for players by players. With a few small exceptions it’s all players helping one another with problems and questions.
  3. if you want to suggest new stuff to be added to udon you can do so here:
  4. there’s a rework of udon networking currently in beta, so chances are high when that (and the update to unity 2019) drop things will look very different.
  5. it’s actually not that hard… udon already supports syncing of variables. But I will agree that it’d be nice if I could send objects over the network…
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