Are the client users/ hackers gone?

Hi i still play vrc but havent bean in public worlds much sence the security update and their whas a lot of hackers / people taking your deatails or acount ecs.
My qestion is has all that stuff stoped and is it safe to go to public sessions. Fir exsample if i go on my vrc pc will i get my stuff taken like my acount/ bank stuff.
I just would prefer pruth befor i go back on it.

Thx ahead of time all the best

Your VRChat and account and bank account are probably safe :wink:

There’s no way for another player to directly access private account details just by being in a public instance with them.

Have fun!

Hope so thx for that

Just be cautious with any external tools you use, especially anything not hosted on like GitHub/GitLab

Whenever I see instructions for something that are like join our discord server and download from x channel for latest, I’m okay with whatever is on GitHub. Something only available via discord? I’ll live without it.