Are seats on avatars still possible?

I’ve been trying to make a large avatar with seats on the hands and head, but for whatever reason I can’t get the interaction boxes to show up.

(two seats, one on each hand. Tried one with a collider and one without)


I believe they’re still not working as intended after a recent update. I think right now they only show up if you activate them with an animator, but they should be fixed to work normally in a future patch

I believe when the 2018 update came out it broke uploading stations on avatars (ones that were already uploaded prior to the move will still have them), I’m pretty sure the mentioned reimplementing them with sdk 3.0 in the last devstream but there’s no full body on their twitch so I can’t cross reference that information and I’d take what I said with a slight grain of salt

have the chair off by default, enable them thru animator component, like cameras. they work just fine

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Yep, @jamie_vatarga and @moz1987 are correct-- right now, there’s a bug where they won’t work unless you animate them on with an animator.


Hey. Sorry to bother, but could anyone explain about the 3.0 seats? I’m really confused, because even if I add them via an animation, they’re turned off.

Seats for some reason dosen’t work anymore.
But how are you adding the seats?
Did you turn them off, then activated them through an animation?

Could you attach some pictures how you’ve got it setup

Seats on avatars are currently bugged and will not work. We’ll try to get in a patch fixing them before the holidays kick off. :slight_smile:

I just googled to see how to get seats to work, what convenient timing, haha

So, I’m not even sure if I did thia right in the first place. I added an empty GameObject, put the VRC_Station on it, aswell as a sphere collider. For the exit and entry point, I literally just put in the same Object. For the Collider,I just activated 'Is Trigger '. Did I do it right? (Even if they’re broken right now, I’d like to know. First time doing seats ingeneral.)

Oh, and yes. They’re off by default. I made an animation called “seats off” and one with ‘seats on’ and made a simple toggle with it. Aka ‘seats equals 1’ ‘seats unequal 1’. Etc, I think you get it.

You don’t have to make two animations for the seats, Just make one where you active them.
Then make it Toggleable in your Menu.

Also, if for some reason people are standing on you or not actually sitting.
You can use a Animation controller and force people to use the proxy_sit animation that is located in
Examples3 > Animations > ProxyAnim

The seats should be off by default
Also, not sure if it’s needed, but make sure theres only 1 Keyframe in the animation, like in the picture.

PS: You don’t have to setup the seats like the way i did it, I just did it that way because of issues with seating postion, since people were floating on me