Are seats on avatars still possible?

I’ve been trying to make a large avatar with seats on the hands and head, but for whatever reason I can’t get the interaction boxes to show up.

(two seats, one on each hand. Tried one with a collider and one without)


I believe they’re still not working as intended after a recent update. I think right now they only show up if you activate them with an animator, but they should be fixed to work normally in a future patch

I believe when the 2018 update came out it broke uploading stations on avatars (ones that were already uploaded prior to the move will still have them), I’m pretty sure the mentioned reimplementing them with sdk 3.0 in the last devstream but there’s no full body on their twitch so I can’t cross reference that information and I’d take what I said with a slight grain of salt

have the chair off by default, enable them thru animator component, like cameras. they work just fine

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Yep, @jamie_vatarga and @moz1987 are correct-- right now, there’s a bug where they won’t work unless you animate them on with an animator.