Are instantiated objects visible to other players? Can they be forced into a 'networked state'?

While testing a world with other players, I found that cloned objects were only visible locally.

All the objects had the ‘Synchronize Position’ option enabled on the Udon Behavior component, which I thought would sync their position between all players, but apparently it has some other property that I don’t understand.

If it’s impossible to sync instantiated/cloned objects, then I guess I’ll try creating a bunch of ‘pre-loaded’ objects set to a disabled state and then ‘spawn’ them with GameObject.SetActive and Transform.SetPosition. It this considered ‘object pooling’?

At the current stage, Instantiation is local only.

For the pooling, do keep in mind that there might be some issues with loading a UdonBehaviour if the object is disabled at start (not being initialized) But this should be fixed at some point


Thanks for the clarification.