Are disabled avatar assets rendered/used in game

I’m interested in creating different outfits for my avatar and, while each individual outfit will have one material and be well within the polycount, having, say, 10 outfits might be unrealistic if they are being rendered even while disabled.

The idea is to have options and toggle one on at a time so I’m just curious if assets have a negative impact on game performance even while in a disabled state or if toggling one on at a time is the right way to go.


disabled mesh data has very little if not no effect on performance - only for avatar size in mb will be effected / user memory in game -

The meshes won’t be rendered if disabled but the materials and associated textures will still be loaded into memory (mainly an issue with Unity memory management).

I feel being loaded into memory isn’t a big deal since they’re fairly simple 1k textures just so long as each material of the different outfits aren’t doing a render pass while disabled.

I appreciate the assistance though since I’m not sure how I would test it.

If you want to test it yourself you’d likely have to use the unity profiler.

Regardless the materials should not do that, it’s primarily memory that the textures for them will continue to use even when their corresponding mesh is disabled.