Any way of uploading avatar without going through Unity?

I have an avatar builder app (playing around, not launched). Is there a way for me to build an integration to automatically upload avatars into my VRChat account? I’ve seen this done with things like Ready Player Me. I guess I’m trying to save steps and avoid having to export to Unity and use the SDK upload option there.

Ready Player Me has a specific agreement with VRChat to be able to do that. If you wanted to do the same you’d probably have to contact someone at VRChat about it. However in my own personal opinion, it’s probably better to let people handle it themselves in Unity. Most people like to customize their avatars beyond just what’s in a builder app; this also includes non-physical things like animator customization.

I suspect that unity is used in the rpm (ready play me) build process, but compile and upload are headless noninteractive process.

I would split the task into following steps

  • Set up scene so it’s ready to go outside of unity
  • Compile (are the files uploaded to VRChat the same as build and test?)
  • Upload avatar

I did notice that in the fbx files you can get from rpm the avatar name is consistent Wolf3D, so like whenever they process an Avi thru unity I think they just swap out the fbx, the rest of the project is template, well and the pipeline guid isn’t template.