Any tips for setting up thumb rigs?

A common problem I’ve noticed in avatars, and a thing that I have a lot of difficulty with myself, is setting up the thumb rigs such that they get reasonable positions, especially with Valve index tracking. For some reason, thumb shapes which look perfectly fine in the editor (including using Gesture Manager) end up looking really screwy in-game, usually with a look like the thumb has been dragged outward, and with the joints always curled even when the thumb is in its resting pose.

I haven’t found any good guidelines or tutorials for how to set up the thumb rigging, or if there’s anything I should/could be doing in, say, the avatar configuration to map the thumb joints in particular.

Does anyone have any resources for how the hand rigs actually work and what the rest pose is supposed to look like, or how to stop the game from dislocating my avatar’s thumbs into a strange contortion?

The SDK contains a sample avatar, the Robot Avatar. I’ve just used that as a reference for setting up hands and it’s usually worked out.

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Thanks, I’ll try to find that. I assume there’s an fbx or other such thing I can import into Blender for comparative purposes?

The sample FBX can be imported into Blender. It’s a solid humanoid rig to use as a base.

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