ANY STATE BOX not working for multi frame animations

I want to use ANY STATE to get all of my animations to transition between each other, but for some reason it wont let the animations play out completely, it just flickers when in play mode. does anyone know how to fix this?

Try turning off “can transition to self”. If that is on the animation will keep getting restarted every frame, which can cause the behavior you’re seeing.

never noticed that before. its off on the hand layers but gets turned on just from adding a transition from the any state box, which i think is hella dumb. I got a buttload of anims to fix :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you

Copy transition settings won’t copy it either, so watch out…

new problem!

animations that exit out to another animation no long exit when they transition from the any state box, they just loop repeatedly

As long as the any state condition is true, you can’t leave the state it points to (because you’ll just go right back to it immediately). If you need to transition through several states, you’ll need to either ensure that the any state condition stops being true, or you’ll need to not use any state transitions and model the full state machine instead.

Just to visually clarrify things, this is what is going on.

also whats this biz about making the any state stop being true? I dont see a thing that does this