Any ideas of what is going on here/is this a bug?

SOOO, I came back to vrchat to find out my favorite public avatar is broken. Her eyes are permanently shut, once I saw it I simply decided I’d live on blind.

But that’s not the reason I’m making this thread. The true reason is that I just found out that apparently other people can see the avatar normally with its eyes open, also look at the avatar preview here:

So the preview is perfectly fine, other people can see it perfectly fine, and for some reason its eyes are shut for me the one using it. Any clue of what’s going on? I haven’t had other people put it on and check yet but I’m guessing it’ll be broken for them the same way??

What I’m guessing is that there’s something wrong with the blinking idle animation, this is my only favorited avatar that blinks so I can’t check if this happens with other blinking avatars.

The ears also have an idle animation and it works perfectly, it’s just the blink.

EDIT: had someone help me test and their eyes are shut too and for some reason their eyes are also shut for me which is unexpected. They would still see my eyes open.


Usually it’s something to do with how you’re configuring your blendshapes. I’m going to assume you have something along the lines of a “default” face that will go to other faces depending on hand gesture or menu choice like this?
If so, remove the animation from the default part. Just leave it blank. It’s a weird mirror bug that happens.

Thanks for the answer, but I’m not the creator, guess am boned.

but hey thanks.